Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Porch

Fall is upon us so bring out your scarecrows and your pumpkins… it’s time to decorate the front porch! Whether you have a small or large front porch decorating for fall can be done for either one. The colors of fall just bring any area to life adding a touch of earth to a home in my opinion.
Of course money is always an issue in my home as well as in many other homes I’m sure but don’t let that stop you from decorating for fall. I have a few inexpensive ideas for decorating your porch for fall so don’t give up on me yet!

The colors of fall are important for me to use in my décor because it’s the yellow, browns, and oranges that make me get into the fall mood. There are a few simple projects you can do to add these colors to your porch to bring fall to life without spending much money.

First if you have a chair or chairs on your porch add a cushion with a fall theme, either in solid fall colors or with fall prints on it. I know I said these ideas wouldn’t cost much and it doesn’t because cushions can be made easily if you know how to sew! A different approach to this idea would be to throw a orange, brown, or whatever fall colored blanket over the chair or even a table cloth if you have nothing else.

Now if you have a dollar store in your area like I do then that will be your best shopping stop. They have tons of items that would be perfect for decorating your porch.

Purchase a basket to place either on a table on your porch or just by the door. Inside the basket put leaves that have fallen, nuts, and a few little pumpkins.

Make a wreath out of twigs and place silk flowers throughout the wreath or purchase one for a low price at your local dollar store.

Corn stalks are a wonderful way to dress up your porch. You can add these to your porch by tying them to the porch column.

You can also purchase cheap fall themed welcome mats to place at your door or at the steps of your porch.

Pumpkins can be used for many different decorations by placing them along your steps, by your doorway, on a table, the options are endless.

For many years I had a scarecrow that I placed in my yard but a few years back he got too old to stand upright so I actually placed him in the chair on my porch. While my scarecrow has now been tossed out it won’t be hard to purchase another one or even to make one by stuffing clothing with pine straw and adding a pumpkin head.

The last idea I have for a porch during the fall are mums. If you are a flower person then mums are the fall flower. They can be purchased in yellow or orange to match fall perfectly.

Even though fall means different things to different people, these are a few cheap ideas to use on your porch that will go throughout the whole fall season.


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